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Cape Agulhas

The rocky headland of Cape Agulhas is the place where two great oceans - the Indian and Atlantic - meet. It's also the spot at which to have one's photo taken at the official southernmost tip of Africa, where there is a stone plaque that marks the place - right on the beach. Cape Agulhas ("Cape of the Needles") is a rocky headland in Western Cape, South Africa. It is the geographic southern tip of the African continent and the beginning of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans according to the International Hydrographic Organization. Historically, the cape has been known to sailors as a major hazard on the traditional clipper route. It is sometimes regarded as one of the great capes. It was most commonly known in English as Cape L'Agulhas until the 20th century. The town of L'Agulhas is located near to the cape. Most visitors though consider the beautiful, historic red and white Cape Agulhas Lighthouse as the icon that denotes the tip of Africa. Certainly it's worth climbing to the top, even if you're intimidated by the wooden flights of steps that are little more than ladders in parts, or frightened of heights.

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Arniston is a small seaside fishing village with characteristic thatched houses, a beautiful beach, rock pools and sand dunes like the dessert, and only about 20 minutes from Cape Aghulas, the southernmost tip of Africa. Visit the beautiful Waenhuiskrans limestone cave which can only be accessed during low tide. The view looking out to the Indian ocean is magnificent. Waenhuiskrans translates from Afrikaans meaning literally "Wagon house cliff". The cave is thought to have been large enough to accommodate a wagon and a span of oxen.

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Struisbaai is a coastal settlement in the Overberg region of South Africa, Western Cape Province.
The town is in the Cape Agulhas Local Municipality in the Overberg District, circa two hundred kilometers south east of Cape Town, and four kilometers from Cape Agulhas, which is the southernmost point of the African continent.

The town is an old fishing village which for many years sported a beautiful natural harbour. The beautiful harbor where Stingrays coexist with the small fishing community. The huge Stingrays wait for the fishing boats and then feed of the scraps from the gutted fish.

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